Routine Probiotics uses ultra-premium HOWARU® strains delivering 4 clinically-studied benefits and proven to make you feel your best.

Routine strains are proven to populate the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria, which can help reduce waist circumference and body mass.

You are what you eat—but we’re not just talking about veggies, salads, and fiber-rich meals. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, consuming probiotics can have a positive impact on your weight, too.

Routine Probiotics for Weight Management

Routine uses Bifidobacterium lactis B-420, a well-researched strain that populates your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria, including Christensenellaceae (reduces waist circumference and body mass1, and boosts metabolism2) and Lactobacillus3 (helps regulate weight).

2.4% difference in change in waist circumference between those who took B-420 versus those who took a placebo

The science behind B. lactis B-420 is significant. One of the most telling human studies was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of obese and overweight adults. B-420 showed improvements across the board compared to a placebo4, backing up similar results from previous scientific research on experimental animals5.

Consuming probiotics can have a positive impact on your weight. Routine premium strains have been linked to calorie burn and the breaking down of fatty acids

In the human study, among those who took B-420, there were greater changes in total body, trunk, and abdominal fat mass—making it a powerful tool for controlling fat in that hard-to-target midsection. There was also a 2.4% difference in change in waist circumference between those who took B-420 versus those who took a placebo, as well as increased plasma cortisol4, which has been linked to calorie burn and the breaking down of fatty acids—two key markers of fighting inflammation.


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  • I was amazed the first morning. My tummy felt so sunk in. And then realizing when I ate my food my tummy kept itself down. I wasn’t bloated. So I’m thankful for these pills. Thank you 😊
  • Amazing! I have yeast infections every single month for the last 4 years... and these last 2 months after using these... I’ve been infection free for 2 months!!!
  • I suffer from IBS-C and hypothyroidism, so bloating has always been a part of my life. Now, with routine, I'm starting to feel back to normal and notice less belly bloating
  • 2.5 months in and I can tell a great difference For years I had struggled with vaginal bacterial infections. The doctor couldn’t say why. They prescribed boric acid but it was messy. I started Routine and after a few weeks of taking it I haven’t needed the boric acid!! I will never be without it, wonderful product that works!!
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