What are probiotics?

Derived from the Greek words “pro” (“for”) and “bios” (“of life”), probiotics are good-for-you microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, etc.) that live in our digestive tract to help regulate movement in your gut, stimulate digestion, and nourish overall gastrointestinal health.

What are prebiotics?

Think of them as fuel. Prebiotics encourage the growth of existing and new beneficial gut bacteria. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to create a healthy gut ecosystem. Routine uses inulin fiber, a natural prebiotic found in chicory root.

What is a CFU?

CFU stands for Colony-Forming Unit. The CFU in probiotics are typically high—often in the billions—to ensure that the microorganisms are still alive when they make their way to your gut. Routine guarantees 24 billion CFU in each capsule.

What is a strain?

Probiotics are typically identified by 3 names: a genus, species, and an alphanumeric strain. For example, Lactobacillus (genus) rhamnosus (species) HN001 (strain). Each strain has potential for specific health benefits, such as regulating digestion and balancing vaginal flora. Routine’s formulation fuses 5 clinically proven strains into 1 capsule.

Where do you source your strains from?

All of our strains are sourced from the U.S.. We pick only the most thoroughly researched strains with benefits supported by robust clinical research. It's all about the quality, not quantity.

Routine has ashwagandha, too. What is that?

Ashwagandha is an herb with roots in India’s ayurvedic wellness tradition. Also called Withania somnifera, it’s a centuries-old adaptogen that helps make you more resilient (adapt!) to stress. It’s also loved as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anxiety fighter and is one of the few herbs with significant clinical research to back up its physical and mental health benefits, which we explain more here.

Is Routine vegan?

Yes. Routine’s capsules are certified vegan and chemical-free, low-moisture to protect ingredients, and delayed-release to ensure your body absorbs all that good-for-you bacteria.

Can men take Routine for Her?

Yes. The specific probiotic strains we’ve selected have clinically proven health benefits for both men and women, including regulating gut microbiota composition and boosting immunity.

Are probiotics safe for children?

Yes. Probiotics have been shown to help children maintain and protect their digestive health and develop their microflora. We’re also currently formulating a children’s probiotic based on the same level of clinical evidence as Routine For Her. Stay tuned!

How often do I take Routine?

Once a day. We recommend taking Routine just before meals so the probiotic can reach your digestive tract more quickly, but we formulated Routine to be flexible with your schedule. That’s why we chose a delayed-release capsule, which tends to minimize potential interference by food or stomach acids.

Can I open the capsule?

Yes. You can open the capsule and sprinkle Routine’s contents into foods. We love mixing it into yogurt and smoothies.

Can I take Routine if I’m lactose-intolerant?

Yes. Routine is lactose-, gluten-, soy-, and allergen-free.

Will you be creating more Routine products?

Yes! We’re busy making more probiotics to target specific needs (we’re looking at you mamas, hint, hint!). Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook channels to stay up to date.

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